Chapter 1.5Mature

The village was oddly empty as they passed, not even faces were seen pressed against glass to see who was walking past in the darkness. Walking through the main village, they can see the wooden stalls in what appears to be a market place along with the misshapen stone houses. The village looks like the happiness has been replaced with a cold, silent chill. Looking over to Rius, both her and Leonardo seem to share the same thoughts, grimly nodding to each other, a response to their silent conversation.

Nova tilts her had to the side, looking at Ren and Lucian leading the group, talking in hushed, serious tones. Their demeanours have changed so much from their carefree faces when they were reunited. Narrowing his eyes, Tarius struggles to hear them, only stooping them when Nova touches his arm, her eyes telling him that it is not his place to eavesdrop.

A small hand touches Nova’s dress, causing her to gaze down at the young girl who holds it. “If Lockwood is a prince, then why does he have a village?” Ophi’s eyes are wide with curiosity. “Dear one, the Lunar Village is simply a name. They once began as a village but quickly grew, expanding their territory and becoming a well respected empire of this time. They are villages and towns across this world but this one is the home of their royalty.” Ophi smiles brightly, stroking the snakes who nibbles at his tail. “See Tody, I told you that he was a real prince! Now we are going to his castle!” Nova watches as she skips excitedly towards the caped Sces, talking enthusiastically about the fairy tales she has beard over the years. “Our fairy tale is just about to begin Sces! You’ll see, everything will turn out alright! Tody, stop biting your tail, you will hurt yourself!”

This part of the Lunar Village was once known for its festivities and loud behaviour. There used to be people everywhere, sharing stories along with their supplies during the day and dancing under the moon light together until the early hours of the morning. The lunar people celebrated life when they danced to the moon goddess, thanking her for the strength and safety she granted them. But that seems like a long time ago now…

Walking into a large courtyard, the warriors eyes scan the new area. In the middle of the floor is the Lockwood crest carved into the stone, it’s features sparkling as the light catches it. Large stone encloses the area with dark vines trailing across each brick, blooming soft white petals. In the four corners stand ancient moon dials, covered in the same vines. Moving through a large archway, they are taken to a garden, full of different plants. Nova’s fingertips caress the Lunar petals gently, causing the plant to glow slightly at her touch. Looking across the garden, Nova’s feet take her to a large fountain, climbing up, she stands on the small wall surrounding it. In the centre is a magnificent wolf, his head thrown back as if he was howling. Water cascades around the stone wolf, covering it.

Nova steps into its cool waters, closing her eyes as she stands in the centre of the fountain, her hand on the stone wolf’s back. Kneeling around the outside of the fountain, her warriors softly touch the waters, closing their eyes as well. Lucian raises an eyebrow at Ren, an amused smirk across his face. Ren shrugs at his friend before walking towards the fountain himself, following in Nova’s footsteps, as he steps into the fountain. Holding out a strong arm, he smiles at Nova as she slowly opens her eyes. Her black pools sparkle as if they held the stars themselves.

Slowly, she takes his arm and they both exit the fountain, their clothes covered in the fountains waters. As Nova’s bare feet touch the soft grass, her warriors rise, looking at the sky with longing eyes and sad smiles.

“Thank you Lockwood. The waters remind us of a friend we are here to save.” Removing her hand from Ren’s arm, Nova smiles at her warriors sadly. “The wolf reminds us of our home we left behind. We will soon be there again when our quest is over.”

“And where is this home of your Lady Nova?” Lucian smiles, ignoring the atmosphere. “Somewhere far from here.” She mutters, glancing up at the empty sky before walking onwards with her warriors, leaving Lucian and Ren watching them with slightly confused expressions. “Well that was specific.” Lucian laughs, following the others as Ren glances up at the sky, wonder where ‘far from here’ could be.

The End

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