Chapter 1.4**Mature

Ren takes out his sword, holding it high enough for the flames light to glint off the metal. “I am Ren Lockwood, son of Villiat Lockwood of the Lunar Village, and it is you who will lower your weapons to me!” Walking forward, Ren brings his sword down into the earth. The blade shines, the light revealing the detail of the sword more clearly. Lazily casting her eyes over the hilt, Nova notices that the metal has been forged at the end to look like a wolf’s head. The man who called out walks towards it, lightly covered in black armour with the crest of his village in silver. He lowers his lantern to inspect the blade better. Raising an eyebrow, he looks back at Ren. “You may have the blade of Lockwood but that does not mean that you have their blood.” In a swift motion, Ren pulls up his own sleeve revealing the same wolf’s head tattooed into his skin, surrounded by a full moon.

The sound of hooves draws nearer at a high speed fills the darkness. Seemingly appearing out of the shadows, a beautiful black steed with a vivid white mane races next to the men who call themselves NightShadow. Jumping down from the steed is a tall man, nearly as well built as Rexrus, narrows his yellow eyes as he surveys the area. “Lieutenant Ray, what seems to be the hold up? Your group should be patrolling far from here by now.”

“Captain, we were stopped by these travellers claiming to be our Lord’s son.” The Captain looks over at the warriors, his eyes lingering slightly on Nova before they rest on Ren. Putting his sword to Ren’s neck, his expression hardens. Nova’s warriors reach for their weapons, only halting at the soft raise of her hand. Her head is tilted to the side as she observes the men ahead of her, curious to watch what happens next. Rius clicks her tongue in an annoyed fashion, her fingers itching to use her throwing daggers again as they glow softly in her belt.

“I had a feeling that I would be seeing you again, you miscreant.” Standing closer, the Captain holds his sword firmly, the cold metal presses against his skin. “At least I am not a snake like you.” Ren’s expression is just as hard as the Captains. Tension raises as they glare at each other, causing Vi to shiver timidly. The muscle above the Captains eyebrow twitches before a booming laughter fills the air.

As Ren laughs, the man removes his sword, pulling Ren into a large embrace. “It’s been too long Ren Lockwood.” The knights ease the tension in their shoulders as they lower their weapons, large smiles touching their faces. “Aye, it has. My mission, fortunately in the end, led me a few hours walk from here.” Turning towards Nova and the others, Ren smiles, his arm still on the shoulders of the Captain. “This is Lucian Ash, Captain and Commander of NightShadow the elite team and long has been a long-time friend of mine. He is in charge of both the knights and our secret service.”  Walking towards Nova, Ren smiles deeply at her. “And this Lucian, is Lady Nova and her warriors.” Turning back to face the men of NightShadow, his eyes sparkle slightly as he pulls his sword from the ground. “Care to escort us home Lucian? There are things we must discuss.” Ren’s voice is slightly grave. The smile vanishes from Lucian’s face, as though it was never there, seriousness over comes him as he bows respectfully. “As you wish my prince.”

The End

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