Chapter 1.4*Mature

The seemingly endless journey through the scratching trees with Blood Owls and rabid rabbits attacking every once in a while is over as the warriors walk out into a clearing. Not even the fire roots could keep them from their destination. Dead plants surround them from the dry, hard, ground. Squinting forward, Leonardo can see their destination in front of them. A large marble wall, partially shielding the view of a large castle behind its walls sparkles slightly, as if tempting them to come closer. 

“Seira. Ma-Maybe, you sh-should put the Bl-Bl-Blood Owl down now.” Vi stutters. From the corner of his eye, Ren looks at the small warrior sceptically, wondering how someone so timid seemed so different when battling the Clawrys. Seira scoffs, laughing at how the bloodthirsty creature keeps pecking at the rams skull on the back of her head. The owl has beady white eyes and its beak is twisted and sharp, similar to the branches in that forest but far more dangerous. It’s dark blue wings flap, causing scratches to appear against the skull. Leonardo walks over to the girls, picking the creature up in his hands, unfazed by it attempting to injure him as it viciously pecks at his fingers. Seira’s protects dies in her throat when he raises an eyebrow at her. With a small growl, Leonardo sends the Blood Owl flying back into the woods.

“Oh big brother, you are no fun! Ophi gets to have a pet!” Siera pouts playfully, flicking a few strands of hair out of her eyes.

“Yes little sister, but her pet doesn’t keep pecking at her fellow brethren and makes Rexrus cry.”

“I’m not crying!” Rexrus mumbles, his hands rubbing his face as he glares at Leonardo who smiles radiantly back. For some reason, Rexrus has never been comfortable with birds and this one, trying to claw at his face, has not helped with the matter. Seira giggles, bouncing up to the large form of Rexrus, poking his large muscles in a teasing manner. “Yeah you are! Aw, did the little birdy hurt big old Rexrus?”

Walking past the teasing warriors, Ren looks up at the sky, frowning at how empty it looks. A gentle presence stands next to him. “They will be returned back to the sky soon Lockwood.” He nods, taking his eyes away. “What you say might be true but it does not ease the bad feeling I get knowing that the Moon Goddess is no longer overlooking us from the heavens. I wonder what is happening to the Gods recently, and where they have gone. We need them. We need her.” With a shrug, Nova walks away, her eyes glued onto the soft light which suddenly appeared, steadily growing stronger with the sounds of armour. The Lunar Village look to the heavens for guidance and draw their strength from the moon’s glow, without their goddess being in her rightful place, they are lost.

Within seconds, the sound of metal and arrows being draw surrounds the warriors. “We are the knights sector of NightShadow, protectors of the Lunar Village. Lower your weapons and state your business or in the name of Villiat Lockwood, we will open fire!”  

The End

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