Chapter 1.4Mature

Nova rests Lockwood’s head on her lap, not seeming to mind that her dress is becoming covered thickly in mud and blood. “Sting, you expertise are needed.”

With a swift nod, Sting places one hand over the wound as she pulls out a clear liquid. Pouring it over the wound, Nova strongly holds onto Ren’s shoulders as his body attempts to get away from the stinging agony that the liquid caused. After placing a few more liquids into his wound, Sting rubs cream over the cut before standing over Ren. Her eyes look him over before turning towards a fallen Clawry, collecting the poison from its claws, teeth and the spikes on its tail.

Slowly, the pain subsides and his fever is gone. Soaked in his cold sweat, Ren’s hands run along his smooth skin, surprising him that the gash on his side is now gone. Looking directly ahead, he can feel himself falling into the black lakes of Nova’s eyes as she leans towards him, her long silver hair caresses his cheek.

“Ophi, don’t cry, Ren is okay now.” Ni puts her arm around the crying girl. “Yeah, if it was really bad then blood would be everywhere and he would be ripped in two.”  Gemi laughs heartily, eyes sparkling wickedly with his sister.

“Idiots.” Rius mutters, cleaning her throwing daggers.

The lean figure of Leonardo glares down at Ren, his orange eyes harsh as he pouts his lips to deny a growl. “I don’t see what the trouble was about, it was just a scratch.”

“With deadly Clawry poison.” Seira giggles, throwing her arm around the miserable looking Leonardo.   

“Lady Nova, it is time to depart. Staying here any longer will attract unwanted attention from the other creatures lurking in the shadows.” Ricorn holds out his large hand for Nova to take.

Looking around at the surrounds, Nova looks slightly puzzled before the look of realisation sinks in across her features. With a firm nod, her delicate hands lightly push Ren to his feet with the help of Ricorn. Walking over to Ophi, Nova gently strokes Tody’s coils, creating a soft hiss and Ophi to smile softly. “Ren Lockwood, will you be so kind to show us the way?” A smile bites at the sides of his mouth at the sound of the young girls laughter. “It would be my pleasure, my Lady.”

The End

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