Chapter 1.3**Mature

Ren watches in awe of the warriors, seeing how easily they are making of the beasts and how efficiently they move. The beast in front of him is on the floor, nearly finished with. Lifting his sword above his head, Ren starts to swing the blade down on the beast but in a quick motion, the beasts poisonous claws scratch into his side. The wound gapes open and weaps heavily. Gritting his teeth together in an attempt to suppress the pain and ignore the fever starting to occur, he brings his sword down on top of the Clawry’s neck. Turning his gaze back to Nova and Ophi, his eyes widen as a large creature snarls at them, its teeth bared as it tries to free itself from Ophi’s whip that digs further into its broad neck ever time it thrashes to escape.

Its long yellowed teeth are dripping with saliva as it attempts to lung at the females in front of it but Ophi tightly pulls it back with a flick of her whip. The creature moves back slightly, its back hunched, seeming to be close to defeated. Ren starts to run towards them, knowing that the creature is simply playing, buying himself time as he prepares his spiked tail to lash at them. Slowly, the creature raises it into the air. Ophi’s eyes widen as she notices the deadly tail but the child cannot do anything to prevent it as her only weapon is firmly around the Clawry’s neck.

With a high leap, Ren is on the creatures rough back. He struggles to keep his balance as the Clawry thrashes its body, attempting to knock Ren off. Ignoring the pain of his wound, Ren digs his heavy sword down into the beasts hind, the blade slashes away at its flesh. The tail is still rising into the air, seemingly unaffected by Ren’s blade.

Sweat runs down his brow as his movements become more powerful and quicker, causing the beast’s blood to spit out of the wound at Ren. Becoming more frustrated, Ren wonders how it can be that the mysterious warriors are able to strike these beasts effortlessly but it is so troubling for him, Ren, known for his strength and experienced skill. The beast flicks its tail towards Nova who takes a small step to her left, her face void of emotion. The restless creatures tail misses its victim. Nova stands behind Ophi, her hands on the young girls shoulders. Ren’s eyes must be playing tricks on him due to the heavy fever as it seems like Nova’s hands and Ophi are glowing.

The Clawry prepares its tail again but with a few more swipes, Ren manages to cut it off, making a loud thud sound as it hits the ground. As soon as the tail falls, Ren jumps off the beasts back. Ophi gives her whip an incredibly strong pull causing her whip to slice clean through the beasts neck. The small girl smiles up at Nova, the glowing gone as the older woman removes her hands from Ophi.

Around them lays the bodies of the creatures. Struggling to stand, Ren leans on his sword as his blood stains his clothes. The warriors gather, most talking excitedly about their fight and the twins arguing about who won their competition. “Silence.” Sting hisses, walking towards Ren, her eyes hard. “Don’t be like that Sting.” “Yeah, you can’t be a sore loser forever. Just except that you will never be as amazing as the war hammer twins.” The siblings laugh, smashing their war hammers together creating a huge gust of air from the impact. Sting ignores them, her cold hands on Ren’s chest.

Nova is instantly at Ren’s side, her head tilted to one side as she helps lift his shirt, revealing the blooded mess underneath. The warriors voices are stolen from their throats as they stare at the blood. Sweat runs down Ren’s face as his legs buckle out from under him.

The End

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