Chapter 1.3*Mature

In an instant, quicker than the blink of an eye, the fourteen warriors unleash their weapons. Rius, Rexrus and Tarius fire glowing blue throwing daggers, green throwing axes and red arrows, sinking into the skin of their enemies. 

Pushing herself into the air, Siera giggles as she flicks her chakram out towards the wolf-like creatures. The disc spins, creating a small whine in the air. The disc makes contact with the largest Clawry, the outer ring of the disc is so sharp that it goes all the way through the animals shoulder causing it to roar in agony as blood splatters out as a massive chunk of its shoulder gets ripped away from the bone. Once free from the creatures body, the chakram spins back towards Siera who expectedly catches the disc and throws it once again at the Clawry, this time aiming for its head.

Isorropia swings her flail above her head as she slices through the animals in her path with her battle axe. The Clawry swipes out at her with its long, poisonous claws. Bending her body back and leaning on one foot, Isorropia manages to dodge the attack by impossibly balancing. Before the creature has time to react, her flail wraps around its paw, pulling it forward as she brings her battle axe down with supernatural strength, crushing the bones and splitting the creature in two.

Standing next to Nova, Ophi flicks her snake-like whip over her head and towards the closest Clawry,  the metal creating ribbons from its flesh as she continues to attack it with her razor sharp whip.

Ricorn’s spear glows a light green as he twists it through creature after creature with great skill. Next to him, Cercan’s double-edged knives cuts through their sides as  the blue caped Sces finishes them off with her gladius. She moves the blade with ease, her movements are similar to a river.

Ren has his sword prepared as he stands close to Nova, torn between helping the others take down those creatures and staying by Nova’s side.

Leonardo and the previously timid looking Vi have teamed up against what seems to be the Alpha. Taking large, precise, swipes at the clawry, Leonardo’s blade eats into the creatures skin causing the wound to cry. Vi almost looks unrecognisable to Ren as she runs forward, her soft face is now hardened with vicious green eyes as she uses Leonardo’s sword to spring off, leaping into the air. Spinning her body tightly, she holds her katana close to her small form. As gravity pulls Vi, she holds out her sword, slicing the beasts front left paw off. Even though she is small, she moves like lightning as her and Leonardo’s moves complement each other like they know each other’s moves before they execute them.   

Gemi powerfully swings his war hammer into the shoulder of the second biggest Crawly, smashing the bone whilst Ni jumps into the air before gracefully bringing hers down heavily onto the centre of another’s back. From the trees, hidden by their darkness, Sting throws dart after dart at the creatures. With a small twitch of her fingers, two darts filled with red liquid hits the hinds of the creatures the twins were battling with. Within seconds, the creatures fall. Their bodies start to convulse before  becoming engulfed in brilliant blue flames.

Simultaneously, both of the twins glare in the direction of where the darts where sent from. “What the hell Sting?” “They were ours!” They snarled bashing their war hammers in the ground, more annoyed that Sting had ended their fun early more than anything else. Squinting their eyes, they jumped away in the nick of time as Sting’s lightning dart lands where their feet had been moments before. Just before they released their outrage, a Clawry with black fur shakes as the blue lightning hits it. It’s fur smoking as the twins feet softly hit the ground. Ni rolls her eyes as she picks up her war hammer, moving on to the next beast whilst Gemi does the same, muttering ‘Show off.’ Soon, the sound of them taunting each other over who can kill the best is heard over the growls and clanging of metal.

The End

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