Chapter 1.3Mature

Even though the darkness around them seems to be eternal and vast, neither Nova or the unusual warriors are seeming to be having any difficulty navigating around many of the hidden roots or rocks that wish to trip up any unsuspecting victims that they can. Even Ren, who has frequently wandered out in the pitch black, seems to be targeted by these mischievous obstacles. Looking at them from the corner of his eye at his new accomplices, his mind races with possibilities. It’s as if all of them can see perfectly even though the only faint light is being produced from Lockwood’s lantern.

“Tody, stop it!” Ophi mutters, once again trying to pull the snake away from eating its own tail but her efforts seem to be in vain as Tody puts his tail in his mouth as soon as the young girls tiny fingers separates him.

“Ophi, you know that he is going to keep eating his tail no matter what you do. Must you upkeep this endless cycle?” Tarius looks down at the small girl but her attention is firmly on her disobedient snake, ignoring his words as his red eyes swiftly search their surroundings.

“Don’t trouble her Tarius, she will not listen. Their cycle is a part of them, like your arrows are a part of you, thus we cannot comment. Focus on the mission at hand and leave Ophi and Tody be.” Ricorn smiles softly, his voice soft as he ruffles the child’s hair causing her to giggle softly.

A low growl vibrates through the darkness causing the groups feet to steadily still as they listen out for the creature which caused that vicious noise. Instantly, the warriors and Ren readied their weapons, the strange metal creates various coloured light which has briefly dispelled the darkness surrounding them.

As if on instinct, Nova is in the centre of bodies, protected from the creature approaching the group. “It’s getting closer.” Leonardo mutters, his sharp orange eyes are slits as they assess the situation. He sniffs the air, his face tense. “It’s not alone.” More growls sound from various directions, all closing in. The creatures, at least 8 foot each,  begin to circle them, their main appearance is hidden in the darkness. Nova’s warriors’ strange weapons are able to illuminate body parts; a giant blooded claw, a patch of fur and a large tail with sharp spikes sticking out in all directions.

Ren swears under his breath, his sword ready for their attack. “We have attracted a horde of Clawrys. One of the most dangerous creatures of the darkness since the Sun God abandoned us. We’ll be lucky to escape with our lives.”

“Maybe you will, but we are more than able to best these beasts.” Rius scoffs, her throwing knives are brightly shining blue as she raises one above her head. Siera laughs softly.

At the sound of a large twig breaking, the Clawrys lung forward, teeth bearer and ready for blood. Savage howls cry out in the darkness as the creatures attack.  

The End

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