I walked quitly up the hill. Behide my smile, I was crying. I didn’t want to live Cadon. Why couldn’t he just man up and come with me. He was raised Cathlic, so I don’t see why he would have a problem with going with us.

I turned around, and waved one last time to Cadon, but he just stood there. He leaned against the wagon, his goldon cruls shining in the late morning light. I rolled my eyes, and quicken my pace. I came to the top of the hill, and then looked back once again.

“I’ll miss you,” I whispered. He watched. He said nothing. Nothing. Now that just pissed me off. We won’t he do anything? I huffed around, and headed to the camp.

It was like a tiny town. Only instead of houses, there where tents. White, snow white tents. That’s what I wanted to see, but no. God hates me, so he choose to make them covered with blood. I watched as teens ran around, packing stuff into buggies, talking, laughing. Aurdorn hair help Dari’s hand, and lead her to a buggie. Deri had a bucket in her hand, she clacthed it like a doll, while Auburn hair whipered something to her. Deri lughed, and dropped the bucket. A red liqud flowed out, covering the ground. The liquid was blood red, blood red. I dropped on the ground, my bag flying into the air. Voimet filled my moth, than I blacked out. I felt blood in my month.


“Ashton?” said a voice I thought I reamdered. “Wake up,’’ I hit the hair with fists, aiming for whoever dared to wake me from a peaceful sleep. Sleep how I love sleep.

“WHAT?” I scearmed. I . I looked up, and saw the girl who was with Dariann, holding a glass of water. Jack stood there, with the dumbest look on his face. Like he was in pain…Oh, I must have kicked him. Ann was brushing my hair. Saying kind things. Shit, I thought. I sat up, and looked around. The ground was still moving. Why the hell was the ground moving? Why can’t I sit up? Why the hell do I here horses?

“Why the hell do I here horses?” I demanded. Ann laughed, but she looked tough.

“There pulling the buggies. We’re heading towards our castle. Well, mine and Jacks. Our Father give it to use when we said we where doing mission work. He stole it from some Miles.” She laughed and patted my head. “Go back to sleep.” I laughed and closed my eyes. Miles, what the hell are Miles?

The End

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