We walked by the ocean, cussing on every thing we coulod think of. From the Ocean it self, to Rome. We didn’t cuss God, cause..well I was ‘Cathlic’, and Cathlics don’t say mean things about God.

“Did you just say that?” I asked. He had just said something bad, and laughing.

“Yea!” He said. Than, he grabeed my hand and led me into the water.

“What the hell?’’ I said my dress was sokaing wet, and I was up to my chest with cold water.

“Come on, swim! I willn’t let Sharks get you!” He yelled. I looked up on the beach, and there was my bow. I had two options.

One- Kill him…but than be questioned why was my bow in the water with him..

Two- Play along….if any happened, I kill him.

I drppoed under the water, my hair following quickly. I felt the water move, and than felt something tickling my left foot. I pushed off the ocean floor, and cussed.

“SHIT! MOTHER OF GOD, WHAT WAS THAT?” I yelled. The dark midnight sky laughed at me, or so I thought. Really, it was Cadon.

“How the Hell did you get here?” Jack said. He begin to move toward to towards him, swearing under his breath.

“Walked,’’ said Cadon, “Would you please tell me why you kidnapped Ash?” he said.

“I didn’t, we where talking, enjoying her last moments of freedom.” said Jack. He reached the shore, and grabbed a rock. “Now, tell me why you must know her business, are you her owner?”

“No, but I care for her, and don’t want her to get hurt or..” he trailed off. I know what he meant, and that ha happened. Not me, No never to me, but to people I know.

“I would never hurt her or let any one hurt her. Remember, I’m Catholic. And her sponsor,” he laughed to himself, while I watched in terror.

“Oh yes, the wonderful Catholics, the one who killed my family, and our trying to kill….” he just realized what he was about to say. I begin to run, faster the closer I got.

When I reached the shore, I jumped on the front of Cadon, tacking him to the ground. He begin to yell at me, as I punched him in the face.

“YOU BASTARD, I’M GOING TO SEND YOU TO HELL WHERE YOU BLONG! YOU BASTARD, THE LOWST PERSON EVER, YOU FUKIN’ BASTARD!” I yelled. He begin to shut back, calling me a Bich, kicking me in places where no women should be kicked. Than, he rolled over, and pinned me down.

“You let me up right now!” I yelled. I watched jack walk away, laughing. Cadon laughed, and laughed.

“Never! Not until you say you love me!” He laughed, and kicked me.

“No! Let me go!” I yelled, and than I begin to giggle.

“Than your sleeping with the fishes!” He picked me up, and walked up to his chest, which was taller than me.


The End

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