I begin to gather my stuff, and split the food in half. Cadons loud snores kept me going, ‘cause I felt I was going to pass out..I’m pretty sure it was only nine, but god, I didn’t have much sleelp.

I picked up my rosary, and thought back just a half hour ago. I had areeged to live with Catholics, if that’s not bad, they kill my people, my people. I can’t believed I did that!

I closed the trunk, and moved my stuff outside. Than, I moved by the fire. I sat down on my bed, and cried. I don’t know why, but I was crying. No, I was not on my period or anything, I was just upset.

I heard a rock. I was like, How can you here a rock? I pondered that for a few minutes, and herded it again.

“WHOS THERE!?” I yelled, I picked up my bow that I had, and string it. I held it up, and turned around, checking all sides. The hill where the Catholics had placed there cross, and saw a tiny spot of fire. I climbed up onto the rock, and pointed my bow up. I was a REALLY bad shot, but I hoped if I could act the part, it would scare the person.

“Ash!” yelled a voice. I fell backwards, and landed.

“SHIT!” I yelled. I herded somebody running, laughing, that stop.

“Oh..your hurt.” I watched out for anyone who was going to kill me at any moment, and I was scared. Who wouldn’t be?

“No, mystery person! I’m better than ever, I won’t be able to walk ever again..” I said with a slight bit of humor. “How do you like that?” I said to the open darkness.

“Oh..your know me.” said the voice.

“Oh I do now? Your um..Hell, your Leon!” I yelled. I stood up, and pointed my bow in the general area Leons voice was coming from.

“ It’s Jack, Ann’s’ brother.” Hm..I thought. That’s worse. “And, you cuss?” he said.

“Yea, I do. You?” He came out of the darkness, the area I was not pointing my bow.

“I do, I normally go off by myself at night at cuss at the people in camp I hate. So the don’t here me, Ann hates swearing.” He laughed at me weakly holding my bow.

The End

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