“So, that’s what we need?” I asked Cadon as we sat around the fire later that evening. Dariann’s head rested in my lap. I looked down at her, I swear she was a angel.

“Yes, can we make do with my shirts and your skirts for a little bit for Dari?” He are ready had a pet name for her, and he loved her. I wasn’t sure if that was normal, but I found it lovely. I loved her two.

“I suppose. I feel bad, she has no toys to play with. What is she going to do in wagon tomorrow?” I asked. I rubbed her ringlet in my hand, studying everything I could about her.

“ Well, it’s only eight, can’t you make her a tiny doll? Or puppet?” he asked. I thought about it.

She would enjoy a doll, and maybe I could teach her how to sew a simple bag, yet she’s only a toddler. But she seems so smart.

“I suppose,” I reported. I did not really have the tools to make her a puppet, or a doll.

“Your not sure are you?” He asked. His focused on Dari. His green eyes studied everything. In his black pupil, I saw kindness. Not something you normally see in Cadon.

“Give her too me, and you go do what you need to do.” said Cadon kindly. I stood up, and placed her in his arms. Her tiny features made no reaction to this shift, but I felt the need to make sure she was fine.

I walked around the wagon, and grabbed sewing things. Then I heard it.

It sounded like a bunch of crazy people coming to get me, and I was praying it wasn’t. It was propply just Cadon making fun of me.

“OM MY GOD!” yelled Cadon. I heard him shout, and his heavy footsteps. I heard Dari’s tears, than her say.

“STOP!! Cad, they are my friends.” I looked around the wagon, and saw the little girl fighting to get out of Cadons arm.

A mob of teenagers walked toward us, they stopped screaming. They walked in a triangle shape. Two people lead the triangle, holding hands. They all had torches and looked pretty pissed.

“CHILD!” yelled one of the leaders, it sounded female.

“Anna!” yells Dariann. She kicks Cadon in the face, jumps out his arms, Cadon say a nasty word, while Dariann ran like a comet to the girls open arms.

“What the Hell just happened?” said Cadon. I ran past him, and ran up the hill. The girl held Dari in her arms, whispering the Rosary to her. I was not sure why, but I whisper it to myself.

“Who are you?” asked the boy.

“Ashton Wilson, who are YOU?’’ I said. My eyebrows raised in dis taste.

“Jack Miller. This my sister, Anna. What where you doing with Child?” he asked.

“You mean, Dariann?” said Cadon, walking towards us. His fist where formed at his side, ready to attack.

“No, the Childs name is child.”

“Um..” I said. “Ok. That’s Cadon Lawrence. Who are they?” I pointed to group of teens. They looked ages 11-19. The brother and sister team looked my age. Fifth teen.

“We,” said one girl, with Auburn hair. “are hunters. We kill Celtics, Druids, Miles, Saxons, and any one else who does not believe Jesus.” said the girl. “Tell us, are you Catholic?”

The End

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