Four (Part 2)Mature

I poured the water over Dariann’s hair. Her little ringlets had disappeared, and all of hair was as straight as a stick.

“Ok, well you play for a little bit now.” I said to the small child. She smiled, and played with the small rocks that the Loagon was filled with. I watched the ocean. The crystal blue water seemed so welcoming. I wished I was on a boat, far away from Ireland. But, everywhere there are Catholics.

Dariann giggles woke me from my day dream. I looked over, and saw Dariann in-circled in fish. I covered my month to keep form laughing.

I lungered over, and pulled her out. I took the towel and dried her all over, and handed her undies. She put them on, than Cadons shirt.

I picked her up, and carried her to the wagon.

The End

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