The oceans crystal blue water was just…amazing. I had never been this close. The wagon was parked three or four yards away. My toes where getting a nice cool down, the rest of me was burring.

“Ok, thanks for helping!” Said Cadon, he frowned as he laid out a blanket for himself.

“Your welcome!” I ran down the beach, my toes freely facing the water. I giggled and ran faster, my red braid was no match for Ballybays Anneunel Girls and Boys races winner three years running.

I remember being eleven running against Casey O’Donnell. This boy was twice my size, and weighed about three of me put together. But, I beat him. Than his brother James, and Leon. All of the O’Donnell Brothers beat by a skinny freckle faced girl. The girl who could easy whop there butts.

I laughed to myself, and walked down the beach. I remember when Leon had come for my hand in marriage, no more than five months. I’m thanking the gods that I was there, or I would be Mrs. Claire Finny O’ Donnle. That’s what they would have called me. Only, I like Ash more.

I walked down a little more, to a small cave. I raced inside to see what was to be seen, I don’t know what got in to me, but I did. I slipped in, and saw rocks. Tons of them, nothing more.

I step on one that looked like it weighed three tons, it would kill me in a heartbeat. I sat down, and looked around. It was pretty, there was a small steam. It was filled with little fish, and Starfish. I reached out carefully, and patted one. It was slimly, but it was cold. The five points begin to move, and I moved my hand back.

I turned around, and looked towards the back. I begin to walk down the rocks, heading to the back. The father I got, the blacker it got. I begin to jog, I had a feeling that at the end, I was needed. But, I won’t even half way.

“ASH?” yelled Cordons voice. His voice was very faint, and full of worry. I counted to run as fast as I could.

I knew I was needed, and if I didn’t hurry, it could be to late. I stepped on a rock, when I heard the voice of a small child.


The End

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