By the time we finally want to bed, it was two in the morning. I knew I was only going to get four hours of sleep, but I told myself, four is better than nothing. I laid down in my bed, and said my prayers.

“Gods above, blesseth me and Cadon on our joinery to keep me safe. I may have not been a good child, but I have always been a O.K one. Amen.” I said. I fixed my blanket and begin to fall into a light sleep.

I felt the sun on my face. I jumped up. I took my chain Watch, and checked the time. Five-Fifty Nine. I sighed, and walked to the small cooking area. I took four eggs, and cracked theme over the pan. I sighed, and I set the pan over the small wood fire. I walked over to the bed, grabbed a quilt, and hung it up to act as my curtain.

I changed out of the dress I was in. It was a full red skirt, and a white corset, the top was a pale white. It was very hard to sleelp in. I slipped out of the skirt, and corset.

The dress I was wearing for the next few days was very simple, emerald green with sleeves the want  to my shoulders. I was going to wear a white shawl. The dress was so pretty, yet simple.

My read hair was a mess, so I re braided  it. Than I slipped on my shoes, and apron. I fixed the eggs, and put them on two plates. Than, I looked for any sign of water or ale. Nothing.

Finley, Cadon woke up. After he was dressed, we ate the eggs. We didn’t talk, only eat. We needed to eat, so when we left we would be strong, the gods only know when we will eat again.

“Are you ready?” he asked me after I packed the plates and forks.

“Yes,” I said, I picked up the bag, and walked toward the door. I fixed my shawl. Cadon hitched the horses to the wagon, and pulled the wagon up.

I climbed in, and looked out at the bright Irish day. We begin to move at slow pace. We could pace for any young couple who just got married, and are heading out own there own.

Young Cathilocs.

The End

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