Fire HairMature

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I ran thourgh the street. My fiery red hair flashed over my shoulder. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, which was not as fast I would have liked. I was running from everything I knew, anything I had, was gone. Far gone.

I raced down a back ally. The small peasants homes where dark, nobody in there right mind would be up now. Midnight, the witches hour. Of course I would be out, I’m a ‘Witch.’

That’s what Father Willams called me. Just because I’m still practing being a

Miles (Latin for Follower)

worshiping the wrong ‘Gods.’ That I’m a ‘Devil’ child. That I’ll rot in Hell.

But, I’m not a devil child. I’m not a Devil. I’m just Ash Bret. That’s what I’m going be these days. I will not be called Claire anymore. I will not go back to the castle that was robbed form my family. I’m on my own, I can’t look out for anyone else. I have to stay out of the eye of the public, I have to hide from anyone.

Even my Mother.

I raced to a small house, the house known to the people in Onstion, as the Dead House. This is the place where the Grim Reaper takes his victims. I knew nobody would be here, expect for my helper, Cadon.

I opened the old door, and snuck in. The small room had only a fireplace, a table, two chairs, and two beds. I took my candle and lit a fire.

“Well, Ash I see you arrived safely.” said Cadon. He smiled as he stepped into the light. His golden locks showed brightly.

“Cadon!” I yelled. I rushed into his ready arms. He hugged me tightly, our last meeting had not left us in good sprits.

“Did anyone follow you?” He asked.

“No. You?” I asked his chest.

“No, I have food, I bet your hungry.” I laughed and pulled myself away. I walked over to the table, and opened up one of the bags. I took the two Salmons. I laid them on the table, and took the knife. I cut off there heads, and begin to gut them.

“So, how are you?” he asked. He walked to the table, and sat down.

“Good, expect there’s a mob of angry Catholics chasing me with Crosses.” I sighed, and pulled out a gut.

“Hm…wonder why..” He said jokily. “Anything else new?” Haha, I thought. Knew what he meant, me and Christens do not mix well. Ever since I took up being a Mile. I was shunned from my Mother and Brother.

“Mommy?” I asked when I was nine.

“What?” She would say angrily.

“Does God hate me?” I asked. I was raised a Catholic, I said the Rosary, blessed myself, and I knew all the Saints off by heart. But, I felt like I did not belong.

“I don’t know, child” And that would be the end of that.

“No.” I said to Cadon. I sighed, and put the fish meat on the pan, and let them cook.

“Cool, same here. Oh, no wait! I’m engaged!” he said. Of course he was, my best friend.

“To whom?” I asked.

“Oh, you don’t know her!” He said, with a big grin. Lair.

“Oh, umm..Joie Martin?” That was the ungist girl ever. Cadon HATED her.

“Oh God no! I’m joking!” He said. He put his boots on the table. I took my spoon and hit them.

“Off my table! Or I’ll do that to your horse tomorrow!” I sighed, and poked the fish. It was cooking quickly, so I moved it to the cooler side.

“Fine.” He took his feet off, and sighed. “Are we having anything else?” He asked.

“Ha, you brought me fish. No potatoes, no carrots. So, no.”

“What about that?” he pointed to my Greens.

The End

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