Chapter 29Mature

Deforreth watched the bubbles rise to the surface. He saw them pop out of the water and into the air. The sun was shining into the water creating curtains of gauzy fabric-like waves. He blew out some more bubbles creating a ring as they rose. He suddenly became aware of his nose getting wet as Shanin licked it excitedly. Deforreth had fallen asleep on a grassy bank next to the lagoon. Railia was also aslepp but the others were discussing how they were to proceed. It wasn't going anywhere.

Deforreth held Shanin, confused about how she had got there. His question was answered as she flapped her little wings and hovered above him. She could finally fly properly.

"Hey," Deforreth called to the others. They all span defensively, thinking something was wrong, "I think I have an idea."


It had been two days since they had sent Shanin to the main city. They tied a message around her neck and Deforreth hoped she had understood what they wanted. She had been to the city before. She even tried running away there once but ,as she couldn't fly, Deforreth caught up with her easily.

They had all moved into the forest, away from the lagoon, for safety. They were a fairly well armed group but they thought that the Elves would come and find them soon. They ate some berries that they had found but other than that they were just starving. It was a wilderness beyond the walls on this side, despite there being a forest. It was not a place that supported life.

On the third day, they saw Shanin fly back over towards the lagoon. They under the trees to keep up with her as she flew overheard. Suddenly there was a sound like a gunshot but also like a flash of lightning. Shanin fell from the sky

The End

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