Chapter 28Mature

Railia wasted no time. She threw pistols and swords to them through the bars. She had a guard with her, held at gunpoint, who opened the doors before Railia knocked him out.

They all crept out and split up, trying to avoid anyone they could. If they were seen they could easily kill whoever saw them as they would be caught off guard but a gun shot would give them away. Corrine had said to meet outside the city. The Pixies and Elves wouldn't be able to keep control of all the underwater tunnels as their elements were contradictory. If they were able to get into the tunnels, they would be able to get out to Deforreth's lagoon. That was the theory anyway.

Corrine arrived first. She shot the guards patrolling the outer lagoon and then waited in a small cave in the small cliff face. Two other men arrived soon after and hid with her. Railia was next followed by Deforreth. Corrine learnt from her mistake and didn't go near him. No one else arrived. They had lost about five men but there was nothing they could do.

Five people were not enough to storm the city and lead a rebellion.

"If we attack the Sprites will all follow, surely?" Corrine protested.

"No, they would have to be warned to they could get armed. The Elves are already armed and so would wipe us out before the Sprites had a chance," argued Deforreth.

Everyone could see it was hopeless. They needed help, but from where?

The End

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