Chapter 27Mature

Railia was lucky to have run early enough to have got away. She ducked into a nearby shop and waited for patrol men to pass. She then went back to creeping between buildings and she made her way to her sister's house.

She ran into their bedroom and they were all fast asleep. She woke her sister and her husband quickly. They weren't startled to see her but were startled at how scared she looked.

"What's going on?" asked Penya, her sister.

"We have to get away. The resistance has failed and we can't stay here," Railia said, lifting baby Christov out of his crib as carefully as she could.

"I don't understand."

"If we stay, we will have to be ruled by the Elves," Railia said quickly.

"We know. They did sort of take over Railia," she said confused, getting out of bed.

"No but the resistance against them has failed. They've been arrested and if we stay they may say I was involved. So you have to get away and take Christov," Railia said, tears welling up.

Penya put her hands on Railia's shoulders, "You don't have to be afraid. We can help protect you I'm sure. We have a lot of friends here Railia who can help you-"

"If you protect me, you'll be in danger too. Please Penya. Keep him safe for me"


The trial the next day was hardly a trial. Any defence that was given was overruled. No matter what Corrine and the others said, they were going to be given the same sentence. They were to be hanged the next day.

They were all made to stay in the two cells of the gaol as that was the limit of the prison in Diognaval. They were all very quiet. No-one could think of anything to say. Corrine was not upset like the others but was fuming with anger. "Defforeth caused this," she told herself. She saw the hanging as not her death but his. This made her feel marginally better. One man, whose name was Olkier, was spinning a coin on the floor and watched it spin and then fall. It was somewhat mesmerising. They all became distraced by it so that they all jumped when Railia burst through the door, shooting the guard and saying, "Right boys. Time to go!"

The End

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