Chapter 26Mature

Corrine leapt out of the tunnel and threw herself at Defforeth. She wasn't armed but she attacked with such ferocity that Defforeth couldn't even tell who she was. He tried desperately to protect himself by covering his face and trying to get away but she was vicious. He started attacking back before long and he then realised who she was.

She started screaming, "How could you? You betrayed us all! You will pay for this!"

The other men came out of the tunnel and they tried to pull her off Defforeth and make her quiet as her noise was bound to attract attention.

It did.

Railia stood away from the scene in slight shock but then she saw two figures approaching. They were carrying long sticks and so she assumed they were patrol men. She desperately tried to help Corrine stop but she soon saw it was a hopeless case and so she ran.

Corrine heard the Pixies approaching not long after that. She suddenly leapt up. Defforeth was curled in a ball by this point. They all heard the Pixies shout out to some other patrol men for back up so Corrine simply said, "Run."

Everyone dispersed and so the Pixies ran after them. It seemed like they were everywhere. There was no escaping them. Corrine ran round a corner and came face to face with an Elf and when she span there was another behind her. Where they had come from she did not know but one thing was for sure. The resistance had ended before it had begun.

The End

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