Chapter 23Mature

Corrine and Railia walked home later on but not together. They left the hall at different times and walked in different direction but met up again in a narrow winding alleyway between two shops.

"The curfew is soon so I need to get back," said Railia urgently. Her little Christov would need picking up from her sister's as well and he couldn't stay there as they had no crib.

"I just want to ask you to join the resistance," said Corrine, fiercely.

"There's already a resistance group? The Elves have barely been in power-"

"We want our freedom and we won't get it while they're in charge here. They will opress us like they did to Barbacania five years ago."

Railia thought about this and realised that Corrine was right. The Elves and Sprites have been sworn enemies for centuries and any chance to hurt the other would be taken.

"Alright. I'm in."

The End

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