Chapter 22Mature

After a few days, Defforeth was well enough to walk but he was still weak and often felt dizzy.


Corrine had spent all her time when she was not forced to work trying to come up with an escape plan but she just became more and more angry. Her escape plans started to turn into revenge plans


Christov's wife decided that she would name her son after his father. It was not tradition to add names after the first naming but she felt it was right.

She called upon her sister to help care for her child. Her sister was 17 and had moved in with her new husband only recently. She herself was pregnant and so was not forced to work.

When she reached the town hall as she was called upon to do every day from now on she was regestered and then sent to sweep the inside of the town hall from the cindered roof which had partly collapsed. She swept with such vigour and anger that she attracted Corrine's attention.

"What's your name?" she whispered.

"Who? Me?" She replied.

"Yes, you!" said Corrine, frustrated.

"I'm Railia," she replied.

"You two, over there! No communicating!" said a Pixie guard at the door. Corrine took no notice.

"You seem to be very into this work," said Corrine.

"No, I'm angry, actually. Aren't you?" Railia said accusingly.

"Well, yes, but not as much as you," Corrine replied.

"These men killed my husband and so I believe I have a right to be angry with them," she whispered, loudly.

Corrine looked at her. She did not appear old enough to be a wife. She seemed so youthful and beautiful but she was so very angry. Corrine decided that she had found a new ally in this fight against the enemy.

The End

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