Chapter 21Mature

Corrine felt ashamed. She would have carried on fighting until death but now if she fought she would just get hanged. She didn't want further shame of being killed in front of everyone with it being announced first. She sat in her home, aware of marching outside. The sun was setting but the next day everyone would be called out to do hard labour that the Elves needed doing. This would probably consist of rebuilding the city centre. "I have to get out," she thought silently.


Defforeth slept. He didn't have the energy to stay awake for long. All of his power was going into healing. He had been sleeping for five hours and it was now dark. In the shop front, the door was opened and Christov's wife stepped in, carrying her baby. She had just returned from caring for a wounded man as she was a skilled healer. The man's wife looked after the child. As she climbed the stairs, Defforeth awoke. He croaked out a measly, "Help," but she did not hear him.

It was not until the morning that she found him. She was looking for a new blanket for the child as the one she had was dusty and brown. She was shocked to see a man lying in her storeroom but she did not cry out. He was a Sprite and, in these dark times, one should not abandon one's race.

She gently woke him and he jumped back but then groaned in pain.

"I'm sorry but you were a'sleepin' in my storeroom. I wanted to check you were alright, assuming you weren't dead," She said, smiling at him in the most encouraging way she could.

"Thank you, ma'am," He politely croaked back.

"I understand you're hurt," she said, fetching the bowl of water, "Will you show me where? I am a healer."

Defforeth pulled up his trouser leg and showed the bullet wound and then showed the one on his top half as well as the gashes along him.

"Well, you must'a lost a lot of blood, sir. I will do my best but this may take a while to heal," she said but Defforeth did not answer. "Are you alright, sir?"

"Just a little weak that's all," He lied. He knew this was all his fault; everything that was happening to the world he knew. He vowed, then and there, that he was going to make this right. He was going to fight and he didn't care what it would cost him.

The End

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