Chapter 20Mature

Corrine ran in the group. She carely had a choice. She was being shoved along by so many people trying to escape. There wasn't just soldiers here but civilians too, fleeing the Elves. Corrine could hear women shouting and children crying in their arms.

As soon as the people reached the gate, they were stopped by a battalion of Pixies, wearing silver armour and carrying large weapons. The soldiers at the front tried to fight them but were killed before long. The battle was truly lost.

All the people were rounded up into the square as best they could. Elves and Pixies surrounded the Sprites so no one could leave. A large built Elf stepped up onto a makeshift podium in front of the town hall. He wore golden, shimmering armour which made his pale skin glisten. He look majestic, especially with the grand plume from his helmet.

"You are defeated," he announced loudly, "And your new masters are the Elves. Any resistance will be crushed. We have our allies," he gestured to Pixies standing behind him, "and so you are outnumbered by far. We will assume your surrender and we will be taking control of the city."

He then turned away and ordered for a mass grave to be dug and all the dead to be thrown in.


Defforeth had the advantage that he looked dead and so he had the ability to not get noticed. He dragged himself into the back door of a shop and sat up against a shelf in a storeroom. He was in immense pain and he felt as though he was about to black out. He saw a water basin in the corner of the room and dragged himself over to it. He splashed him face and felt some life return to him but it would be a few days before he could walk again, even if he immersed himself in water, but, for now, he was safe.


Christov thought about his wife. He thought about her stunning hair and gorgeous eyes. He thought about her soft laugh and how much he loved her. He thought about his baby and how much he would regret not being there to see his darling grow up. He looked at the clear blue sky and sighed. It became his last breath.


The Elves had planned for the grave to be dug and filled in private in an outer part of the city. It was not to be so. Sprites surrounded it and sung songs of mourning for the dead. The Elves brought the bodies up and, despite their orders, allowed the Sprites to lower the bodies into the grave. There were loud cries of anguish as families saw their loved ones' bodies but, when Christov was lowered, his wife made no such sound. Her pain had now turned to anger and she would seek revenge.

The End

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