Chapter 18Mature

With all of his energy, Deforreth started to move. He knew that his time was running out but he was extremely reluctant to give up now. This was entirely his fault; he was going to sort things out. Or at least die trying.

* * * * *

Corinne was knocked back by the wound, but instead of letting it get to her, it in fact only enraged her, making her attack faster and harder, slaying the Elf that had wounded her in seconds. Triumphant, she continued, earning the fear of the enemy army.

She noticed Christov out of the corner of her eye and moved over to him, trying to figure out how bad his wound was - it didn't look good.

"Hey." She shouted, nudging him with her foot. "Can you hear me?"

When she received no response, she placed her foot against the cut and applied pressure and could immediately see the pain flowing through him.

"Get up." She yelled. "Use the pain. If you aren't afraid, then you are stupid. Understand?"

"Get off!" He replied, sitting up slightly.

"Now either fight, die or find reinforcements. Your choice." She kicked the wound again before walking away, heading into the heart of the battle. "But make it now."

Corrine vanished into the battle, her scream of victory barely audible over the cries of the defeated. Christov picked up a weapon from nearby and used it to help him stand up straight.

With a cry of half fear, half horror, he ran at the enemy, trying to hide his pain as best he could.

* * * * *

Deforreth had reached the edge of the battle by this point, but was already weak and about to give in. He only had a hammer as a weapon and a gun shot wound that was rapidly killing him.

With one last surge of power, he came from his hiding place and lunged at a nearby Elf, using the hammer in ways that it hadn't ever been used for before. He gained confidence but it was just one on his own - there was an entire army in front of him and he had no clue what he could do.

The End

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