Chapter 17Mature

Defforeth was dying. He heard crashes and explosions to the East. He pictured the army fighting there and dying for his carelessness.


The guns wouldn't fire. The first line of men were killed by the arrows and then the next. Orders were given for the Drafish to go forward. They charged and attacked with short swords and bashed the Elves with the ends of their rifles but the Elves kept coming. As more explosions happened, buildings around them started to fall. The Elves were coming in from all sides. By now the Sprites and Elves were in close combat, using any form of weapon they could. No guns would fire but now many guns tured to fire. The Sprites' hands burned and they dropped their buring weapons and were distracted just long enough for the Elves to take them down. The orders were given for a retreat.


Corrine shouted out in pain as her guns began to burn her. This was strong magic to be able to effect such a large number of items in such a large area. The Sprites would be no match for the Elves and it wouldn't be long before the Pixies attacked from the water as well. As she heard the orders to retreat, she ran out of the square to the West side. The army needed weapons that would not be effected by the magic. She grabbed a man's arm and yelled, "We need swords. Come on!"


Christov ran with the woman to the smith's. There were about twenty swords in clear view. It wasnt enough but it was more than they could carry in one trip. They loaded themselves with them in the best way they could without getting cut and ran back to the square.


The battle had moved beyond the square now. Corrine barelt had to run far at all before she found many men to arm. She did not understand why the magic did not effect swords but it hadn't so far so she hoped that it would hold out. She only had a second or two before she was faced with an Elf. He came at her, bradishing a spear which she took a swing at but it did not break. It threw him a little off balance but not for long enough. He swung the spear back to block her weapon, scratching her deeply in the side.


Christov could see the battle would not be won. He had to get his family out but as he started to run away an Elf on an apparently newly found Drafish circled around him and blocked him. He took a swipe at the Elf, cutting the Drafish's shoulder. It roared out in pain and reared up, throwing the Elf off its back. The fire from its breath started to burn a nearby building. While Christov was distracted by this, the Elf ran up and swiped his spear at his side. Christov felt the pain throughout his body before he collapsed.

The End

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