Chapter 16Mature

Corrine heard a loud explosion and a crash. She was running through the main street and she saw dust rising in the distance. The wall had fallen.


Christov was loading his gun. He had been called out. He was lucky to be late to have missed the initial blast.

"Don't go, please," his wife pleaded, her green eyes filled with tears. His son was crying in her arms.

"I have to. A good part of the army has already been killed. They need every man they can get," he said sadly, stroking her shoulder.

He kissed his baby's head and then left


The remainder of the army stood in the square in front of the town hall. It was circled by shops and buildings and so would give them an advantage as there was only one wide entrance. Scouts ran about, finding all the men they could. They were outnumbered.

Suddenly there was a silence. It was even more terrifying than the noise before. Everything was still and Corrine could hear the scared breaths of the men around her. For the first time in her life, she was truly terrified.

Suddenly there was a series of loud crashes and noise. They were more explosions just beyond the square. They were so close now. When they finally came into view, a huge rank of Elves were charging toward them carrying spears with bows and arrows. It was as though there was a sudden rush of hope as the Sprites were far better equipped. It was only when the Sheriff gave orders to fire that they found out how powerful Elves' magic was.

The End

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