Chapter 15Mature

Surrounding the opening to the lagoon were rows of men standing with weapons, prepared for the enemy to come out. Already two scouts had been killed in the tunnel and one got away fast enough to just warn the army. Now they could hear the enemy in the tunnel. It was assumed they were the pixies rather than elves as it was underwater but they couldn't be sure. Elves were harder to kill. Much harder.

The tunnel should have only been wide enough to fir two people through at once but they all came far quicker than that. There was suddenly movement and the water swirled around as everyone moved and fought each other. It was barely organised. There were Sprites firing whatever they could at the opening and the ones who could not get their weapons to work were throwing knives a nd other sharp objects they kept with them. It seemed as though they had the advantage an were taking out their enemy one by one but suddenly the firing stopped after an order from a commander and they all waited as the water settled and the dirt from the ground  cleared. There were no bodies at all. No one had been hit yet. But they were sure they had heard someone.

They had. It was a Pixie planting a bomb beneath the water, just under the wall.

Suddenly, they all found out about it. The real battle had begun

The End

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