Chapter 12Mature

Corrine ducked behind a barrel and then ran and hid behind a cart. She didn't need to. Deforreth didn't know she was there so she could have walked two paces behind him and he would have had no idea.

He was heading to the blacksmith's. She didn't know what he was doing but she knew that if it was underwater he would need more than just wood. She guessed it was only a matter of time before he headed there. She ran round the back of the general store and dashed across the alleyway before Deforreth crossed the other side. She slipped into the doorway of the smith's and crouched behind a workbench just before Deforreth entered. He looked around nervously before walking with purpose up to the furnace.

Am hour later Corrine wished she had picked a better spot. He knees were killing her and her flask of whisky was empty. Deforreth was hammering large sheets of metal and also smashing large rods together. He was using a huge amount of metal and she knew it would be missed. This was the oppotunity she needed to turn in the traitor

The End

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