Chapter 11Mature

Days past but there was no attack. Instead of being seen as a good sign it just increased tensions. Everyone was helping the war effort in some way or another. Around the edge of the city there would be someone every other metre placing sandbags or hammering more wood onto the walls or placing temporary butresses as extra support.

Deforreth went back to his lagoon every day but nothing changed from one day to the next except for the work he was doing and so no one had discovered it yet. Corrine was finding it increasingly difficult to watch him as he would disappear for half an hour before reemerging to fetch more supplies. She tried looking in this lagoon for what he was doing but it was deep and had winding passages. She followed one tunnel all the way to the centre of the city and came out just behind the saloon where she stopped for a drink before getting kicked out for causing 'trouble'. She also kept having to go for training. She was becoming increasingly aware that they were completely ill-equipped. Many were armed with bows and arrows instead of guns and those who had guns were not able to train as there was not enough ammunition.

Everyone was scared. The Mayor most of all. It was up to him to make sure the city did not fall because if it did then it was likely the rest of their race would follow. He had sent scouts to scour the underwater tunnels but they were so vast. For a relatively small population Diognaval covered a huge area. It would take weeks to search them all. Deforreth knew this from his years exploring them and prayed that they would discover his place last.

His battlement was starting to just look like a trap door wedged into the sides of the tunnel. He needed more to reinforce it. He set off to the blacksmith's at a fast pace but little did he know that he was being followed there

The End

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