Chapter 10Mature

Deforreth held his hands up and turned to face the woman.

"I thought I'd reinforce the walls."

"Don't believe you." She took a step forward, keeping the pistol raised.


"Firstly, you didn't sign up. Secondly, you look odd."

"That's prejudice!"

"Why didn't you sign up?"

"I thought this was more important." He turned back to his work, hoping she would either leave him be or help. No, not help. She can't know about it!

"I don't trust you. Be careful, if I find out you're up to something then I'm coming after you. Personally. Understand?" She lowered her gun as he nodded. He picked up a tool and looked like he was about to start working but actually watched her leave. He dropped everything when he was sure she was far enough away and started to panic.

He could follow her, shoot her, dump her body. No. That wouldn't be fair. He turned back to his priority and frowned. He had no idea.

* * * * *

Corinne hadn't left. She had simply turned a corner and stayed there, watching him subtly. She knew he was up to something and she was determined to be the one who would find out what.

The End

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