Chapter 9Mature

Deforreth was in a rush. He ran through the city, taking things that he needed. The only problem was that he didn't really know what he was going to do. He knew that he had to build a barricade by the lagoon but he didn't really know how.

He went back to his work to borrow some tools; he knew that he'd be back in a day or two to return them so he didn't see it as stealing and so didn't feel bad. He looked around quickly for anything else useful. Nothing. He moved on.

His next stop was home. He didn't have time to hang around so he just grabbed his pistol from its box and left. No time for his Drafish. Not even time for a drink.

He stopped off at a warehouse for some materials. His mind was racing, he wanted to do fifteen different things at once, he tried to pick up a board bigger than himself, then another one that weighed more than two of him, he hypervenilated. He sat down for a minute, breathing slowly.

He made his decision and took what he needed, no more. He raced through the streets of the city, wearing a reassuring smile to ward off any incoming questions. He made it to the secret entrance in record time, dropping everything. He looked at it all collectively.

He screwed his face up.

"What do I do now?" he asked himself.

He tried to construct pictures of the finished product in his head but nothing seemed to make any sense.

"And what do you think you're doing? I think you've got some explaining to do."

A woman's voice. The click of her pistol. Gulp.

The End

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