Chapter 8Mature

There was only one word to sum up what was going on: chaos.

Corinne had managed to get deeper into the building by this point and was heading over to the sign-up sheet; she was ready and she knew that she'd be needed.

Deforreth, on the other hand, was heading in the opposite direction. As far as she could see, he was the only man doing so. Coward.

She joined the queue and looked ahead of her - this could take some time.

* * * * *

Getting out of the hall hadn't been easy.

He knew exactly what he had to do - barricade the secret exit and defend it himself; it was his only hope. He couldn't admit it to anyone else and so he was alone, a thought that worried him. He knew that he more or less had to hold them off until the rest of the army figured out what was going on.

He hoped so at least.

He went to fetch some supplies, his mind unable to rest until he had done something.

* * * * *

At last, Corinne had put her name down, one of a grand total of seven females - she wasn't surprised.

It was then that she saw Deforreth, acting suspiciously. Two words popped into her head: sabotage and spy.

Time to act.

The End

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