Chapter 7Mature

The whole town was being squeezed into the town hall. People were leaking out of the door to the main hall and there were people up on the balconies and some were on their Drafish hanging upside down from the ceiling rafters. The atmosphere was tense. There were only ever meetings like this for big news and more often than not it was bad.

Deforreth was standing at the edge of the room. He wasn't getting crushed though as he was so large people gave him a little space in fear of getting hurt themselves.

There was a stage block at one end of the hall but there were people all the way around it. The Mayor and the Sherriff were both sitting there along with other governers and important looking people. Every one of them had facial hair.

Corrine only just got into the hall. She stood right beside the door frame getting trodden on by everyone coming in. She regretted coming before long.

The Mayor stood up and the hall eventually fell quiet. He looked solemn and everyone could feel tensions rising. The temperature in the room appeared to be rising but it may have just been Deforreth's imagination.

For such a small man, the Mayor had a loud and powerful voice. Complete silence fell once he had started speaking.

"The news I am to bring you is regretable, surprising and apparently unavoidable" he said slowly and clearly, "We are at war with the races of Elves and Pixies."

Suddenly there was a huge amount of noise. There was angry shouting from all directions saying things like, "What have we done to provoke this?" and "How can we hope to win against the strongest alliance of all time?" Many women looked like they were crying and they held their children into them as they were scared of the shouts. Babies started crying but the mothers tried to take them out. It caused difficulty and painful movement but the hall became emptier and was most full of men and teenage boys.

"Quiet, please," said the Mayor with a feeling of power that everyone in the room picked up on and so the noise died back down.

"We do not know why this proclamation of war has come onto us but as the capital city of our race we are duty bound to supply troops to help our cause. I believe they must have discovered a weakness in our defences otherwise they could never have hoped to win. Anyone who can reinforce the defences of our city must go now to the ajoining room where you will be signed up and briefed on your duty. Any other man can sign up to our army. We beg of you to do so within the week as our army is not large enough to hold off their forces."

Deforreth's heart started beating rapidly. He did not know what to do but he knew that this war had something to do with him. Now the enemy had an easy entrance to the city and so their victory was certain.

The End

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