Chapter 5Mature

Deforreth let Shanin out and she ran around in the yard. He closed the door to his small shack and rearranged her bed so that the blankets weren't all over the floor. His house only had two proper rooms. His bedroom downstairs and his dry kitchen upstairs. His bathroom consisted of a pump outside and a little shed.

He called Shanin in and told her to go to her bed. It took a while as she wasn't trained yet. He won her egg in a card game and was very frustrated to find she was the type of Drafish that took three times as long to grow as any others and so he could not use her to ride or use to fight. Not that he needed to fight. The Sprites were not in a war but it was only a matter of time. Tensions were always high with someone in their world.

Deforreth locked the door and walked into town. He worked at the blacksmith's as an assistant even though he technically did all the hammering and heating and generally hard work. The blacksmith was getting old and it was only a matter of time before his son would take over the business. That would probably mean the end of Deforreth's job there and so he made and sold as many items as he could so that he could support himself when the time came.

"Morning Deforreth" said the old Blacksmith.

"Good morning, sir" replied Deforreth. More often then not, these were the only words between them the whole day.

Deforreth started heating the furnace when a messenger came round. He was well dressed, not unlike the man in Deforreth's dream, but he was small and rat-like.

"Excuse me," he politely called in. Deforreth looked at him but said nothing. Being a large man himself, Deforreth must have made the messenger uncomfortable as he started to figit and stumbled on his words.

"There's a... umm... meeting in the town hall... uhh... at noon for all to att- attend" he said nervously before scurrying off.

It was only once the man had left the Deforreth realised he was holding a red hot sword in one hand and a large hammer in the other.

The End

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