Chapter 4Mature

Corinne didn't feel too good. She blinked hard as the light nearly blinded her.

The world in front of her was light. Almost too light. She quinted to see the familiar outline of the theatre ahead. Watching for any oncoming traffic, she walked slowly, as if she was tired. She swerved and swayed but kept on track. The whole walking in a straight line thing wasn't going too well though.

She knocked on the door more loudly than she had meant to and so clutched her ears in defense. She sighed as the door opened with a barely audible creak. One thing that always struck her was the size of the doors - they were just so big. As she gazed to the top, she crashed into them, feeling like she should just give up.

She slowly paced down the corridor, unusually aware of the time. She observed a couple of others going in the opposite direction; they gave her a smile saying "Good luck!" so she responded with a weak "Thanks". She dusted herself down quickly before entering the main hall.

It was big. She remembered a couple of years ago, when she had performed in front of hundreds on that stage; it had been the highlight of her life! As she ascended the steps, she grinned, reluctant to leave her memories behind. That was when she was sick, all over that wonderful stage.

Five minutes later, once they had cleaned up, she felt a little more sober. Until she started to dance. She had to admit - her performance wasn't especially brilliant, losing some of the skill that she had spent years trying to perfect. But she'd needed those drinks.

She'd had a very bad week and it was about to get worse.

The End

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