Chapter 3Mature

Deforreth made it back home by the early hours of the morning. He lay in his bed, floating slightly, and prayed to the Spirits above that nothing would come of his accidental betrayal to his city. There was a reason for the walls. To stop people getting in or out. Of course people were allowed to leave but they had to have identification and permission that would have to be applied for a week beforehand. No other race needed this. Only the Sprites.

Deforreth blew out through his mouth and saw the bubbles rising to his ceiling where they were trapped, moving like live slugs on crack or something. He then started blowing out in such a way that the bubbles created a ring as they rose but then they would all merge by the time they hit the ceiling. He started to feel woozy and decieded to stop using up his air source otherwise he would feel sick. He rolled over and fell asleep and started to dream.

He walked into the saloon as though he owned the place. His skin was still glistening from the water so he gave off an eerie glow but it made Deforreth feel powerful. He pointed at the men sitting playing cards. There was the man there who robbed him a few days before. Or at least he thought he did. He couldn't be sure once he had woken up but for now he was the man who robbed him.

"Stand up and draw, if you be a man" Deforreth said loudly to him.

The man turned and he smiled, showing his gold tooth. He was a large man. Much bigger than Deforreth. He stood and so the Barman shouted,

"No you don't! Not in here! take your brawling elsewhere."

And so the two men stepped out and stood in the street. The was a thin layer of water covering the muddy ground as the water end of the city had flooded into the other half but it gave Deforreth strength as he was a true Sprite, through and through.

A man wearing a suit with a pocket watch and a small top hat stepped out from a nearby shop and said,

"Back to back, men. You will step for a ten and then turn and draw. He who draws before will be considered a cheater and we all know what happens to those."

The men standing around cheered. The man in the top hat started counting. Next thing he knew, Deforreth was in the Gaol with the other man in the ajoining cell. The Sherriff was snoring next door but his snores sounded strangely like a knock at the door woke Deforreth and so he swam up to the ceiling and opened the trap door. It was his Drafish, Shanin, banging its head against the door because it was hungry. Despite being a baby, its dragon teeth had come through and it could swim faster than most Sprites. It was only a matter of time before it learnt how to breathe fire and Deforreth knew how much fun that was going to be.

As he mashed up some vegetables for Shanin he thought about the dream. In reality, he was the one getting called out and he normally ran away. People thought he was a coward but the men who 'were not cowards' were dead because of it. He laughed lightly at Shanin rolling around in her paddling pool and looked out as the red sun rose over the hills in the far distance.

The End

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