Fire at NoonMature

Ok so the original idea for this was a western but with fantasy elements and so it is set on a different planet and doesn't have humans in it but we are going to try and include western but don't count on it :P

Deforreth walked around the outer walls of the city. His days as a sentry were over but he needed to calm down and walking around in the cold night air was perfect for him. He stood beneath one of the guard towers and leaned against the red-brown wooden walls. It was not a high tower and so he could hear the guards talking above his head. Their meaningless chatter started to frustrate Deforreth and he could feel himself breathing more heavily as he got annoyed. He wanted to shout up to them to shut up but he knew he shouldn't be outside the walls after sundown and another night locked in the Gaol with the Sheriff snoring loudly in the room next to it didn't appeal to him.

He carried on walking round, close to the wall so as not to be spotted. He got to the side of the wall where he was in complete shade from the setting sun's rays and he walked away from the wall back to the lagoon. He considered the lagoon his lifeline. His saviour. It allowed him to get outside the city for a time without being spotted by the sentries or having to sneak out through the gate. He hated how small the city felt as it was not really a city. Diognaval was more a small town with small minded people with small dreams and no ambition. Life plodded on every day with little meaning or purpose. He hated it. That's why he always seemed to be causing trouble starting fights, brawls, stealing things. He was what was known as a 'typical sprite'. It was a racist view to think that Sprites were all michieveous and trouble makers but Deforreth exactly that. A steryotype. Other races being the 'helpful' Brownies, the 'perfect' Fairies, the 'beautiful' Elves and the 'cheerful' Pixies. The prejudice against the 'dangerous' Sprites was so bad that all their cities had to be protected, hence the high walls surrounding Diognaval.

The East wall was where Deforreth's lagoon was situated. There was a small forest hiding it but even if there wasn't it couldn't be seen. From the top of the wall one couldn't see the large cliff face as it faced away from the city. The lagoon was beneath it. Deforreth carefully climbed down round the edge of the pool. The water was still on the shimmering pool. The soft moonlight made the water glow a mysterious blue-green. This was his entrance to the underwater city as well as his exit. As he placed his bare foot into the water he could feel the power of it filling him up and strengthening him. He could also feel his body preparing to produce his scales for when his whole body was immersed by the water.

It was then that he saw a dark figure move among the trees. He caught a quick glimpse of blue and silver skin before it disappeared among the trees. A pixie. A pixie which now knew his sectret entrance to the city.

The End

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