Fire and Water: Part Four

Renee sat in her twins’ bedroom, watching the striped sunlight filter through the blinds and onto the peacefully sleeping faces of her youngest children. Taiga had one arm tightly wrapped around Molly, her doll, and she was sucking her other thumb. Tundra was curled into a ball beneath blue-green sheets, a faint smile playing on his full lips. Renee smiled and stood, the old wooden rocking chair beneath her creaking softly with age. Silently, she walked across the wood floor and across the hall to her small lab. With the lab door open so she could still listen for the twins, Renee washed her hands in the metal sink and turned back toward the vial of Ash’s red-black blood. She held her hand near to it, feeling the heat from Ash’s blood from six inches away. With gloved hands, Renee pulled the stopper from the top of the vial and felt a gush of hot air escape from captivity. She turned and grabbed a mercury thermometer from a drawer and set it in the vial, watching the silver metal rocket toward the top.

When it finally stopped, she leaned closer to read the small black numbers. 2,700 degrees Celsius. Renee blinked, shocked at the number being that high. She looked again, sure she had read it wrong. Before her astonished eyes, the mercury slowly and steadily dropped down to 1,400 degrees.

“What is going on with this girl’s blood?” Renee wondered aloud. She grabbed a pair of metal tongs from another drawer and prepared a slide with Ash’s blood sample. She set the slide beneath a microscope and then poured a small bit of blood into two different smaller containers. One container was set in a machine that Blaze had invented many years ago to show elements in blood, specifically designed to help tell what powers someone with type m blood had. The other container was set aside for another test.

While Blaze’s machine hummed softly, Renee turned back to her microscope. Under the magnifying lenses, she could see the blood cells, along with the slightly larger and darker colored cells of elements that allowed Ash to create fire with her blood. Something smaller and silver caught her eye. Renee adjusted the microscope’s focus, bringing the silver objects into view. The silver that she had seen were silver and pale blue-green cells, like what she saw in her’s and Will’s blood.

Blaze’s machine beeped once in a low tone, proclaiming that it was done with the test. As it printed out a list of the elements that had been found, Renee continued to stare at the hydrogen and oxygen cells in wonder. As the machine finished printing, she turned and ripped it off the printer and quickly scanned through the elements. She dropped the list and ran out of her lab. She was halfway downstairs before the paper fluttered to the ground.

The End

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