I freak when Ash's hand lights on fire and grasp it with mine. It instantly goes out and send a burning pain across my palm. I pull her back to the seat and release her cold but luckily not frozen hand. She stares as it as Beatrice steps up to take her shot. "Awesome shot, Ash" Alex says plopping on the other side of her. "I swear I saw you flick out your lighter"

"No" she says quickly. "Just the colour of my jumper. She says pulling the end of her red jumper out from beneath her coat. I sigh when she makes up that excuse. Bea squeals and goes to Katie pouting. Alex go to take his turn and Ash shoots me a look.

"What the hell was that?" she snaps.

"Uh, stopping you from throwing your hand around on fire!" I hiss back. She glares and I return it.

"You... how did you put it out?"

"I think we're both going through the same thing. Did you pass out last night?"

"Yes, why did you?"

"Yes, I didn't wake up till 4"

"Me neither. What the hell is happening?"

"Well, from what I work out. You have power over fire"

"What about you?"

"I'm thinking water"

"That explain why you freeze me and I burn you"

I nod then its my go. I grab the bowling ball and miss four pins. I shrug as I go back to sit next to Ash whose now chatting about new bands with Katie. Her eyes meet mine once but other than that we don't talk till its time to go home.

The End

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