Fairy Touch


I stretch as I wake and my limps respond quicker than they should causing me to punch my fist into the wall. I yelp expecting pain but nothing. I felt my fist touch the wall but nothing happened. I push a hand back through the hair and it..... feels like liquid. I walk to my bathroom and stare in the mirror watching as I turn my hair the wave that seems to go through it.

A wave of water almost. I blink and shake my head turning on the shower. I strip and step in almost feeling apart of the water. I turn my face up toward the jet of water and enjoy the feel of it against my face. I close my eyes and almost begin to feel one with the water. When I open my eyes water coats my skin. Not in the normal way it seem like is almost held like armor on top of my skin and also joint to it.

I shake my skin and the water gushes off. I step out of the shower and wrap a towel round my waist. I use another to dry off my hair as I walk quickly back into my room. What the hell is happening to me?

Bing Bong. I turn to look at my phone and pick it up to see a text from Alex.

"5:30, girls and us r going to bowling be ready 4 5"

I smile shaking my head. Then I look at my clock. Wait, that can't be the time. 4 o'clock. How did my parents let me sleep so late? Then I notice a second message from my mum at 11. How did that not wake me up?

Something going really wrong.


Alex, Harry and me get to the bowling alley bang on 5:30. Easily we spot the girls out front and make our way over. "Shall we go in?" Alex says. Everyone goes in leaving me and Ash at the back. I turn to look at her and find her looking to.

"You look tired" I comment.

"Rough night" she replies.

"Same" I say with a shrug. We reach the reception and I pull off my shoes following the others to swap them for bowling alley shoes. Thats when my fingers brush Ash.

"Ouch!" we both yell jumping away from each other. Luckily the only person who sees us is the guy swapping our shoes and he ignores us with a roll of his eyes. I look at the burn on my finger then the ice melting off her skin.

"What the hell?" I whisper. Ash grabs her shoes then races after the other looking freaked out and.... sad.

The End

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