Fire and Water

            The dragon soared through the gap in the rocks, its custom-made metal wings just clearing the gap. It was no problem, though – this particular dragon had squeezed through much tighter gaps than that.

     A quick glance at its battery readout would tell any traveller that this dragon was fully charged. No doubt this was a long distance journey – if it were not, surely the sender would have used a drake? They were quicker, more economical and more reliable on short journeys. Then again, maybe this was a large message. Drakes are only capable of short messages, whereas dragons have a much larger capability.

     The girl sat back in her chair at the window, watching her dragon skim out of sight. She had sent the message, as was her duty. Now she must wait for the reply that would save or damn the mysterious, frightened young man that sat in a battered office chair in the far corner of the room.

The End

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