Mrs. Morris - Beryl

I raced to the closest door I could find, with Dixie clutched to my cheast, and knocked loudly on it, even though it was early in the morning. The kind old lady, Beryl, answered eventually, looking tired and confused. "What's the matter, love, where's the fire?" I knew she had said it sarcastically but I had to get the thought that my house was on fire through to somebody. "Mrs. Morris-" I began. "Beryl, dear," she interupted. "Beryl. My house is on fire, and Mum and Dad are trapped. I need to call the fire brigade!" I shouted, so quickly that Beryl didn't understand. "Now now, love, calm down, come inside and tell me why you are banging on my door at four o'clock in the morning!" She cried, still confused and ushering me inside. I calmed myself down for Dixie's sake. Mum always tells me that babies can sense fear.

"Mrs. Morris - Beryl, there's a fire and I need to call the fire brigade. Can I use your phone? Please?" I begged. "Oh, you poor thing, quick, I'll call the firemen, you can find something to drink and calm yourself and little Dixie down. She can sense fear you know!" Beryl began to shout, talking quicker that I was at her doorstep. We hurried off and I had to trust her and get a drink for both of us to have. I found some milk and warmed it up in an old microwave. I waited for the milk to cool and gently tipped the cup up for Dixie to drink. She didn't want half of it so I drank the rest and tried to keep her occupied. Mrs. Morris was a long time on the phone. She called me so I picked up Dixie and walked to where the phone was.

"Hello? Are you the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everdean?" The kind female voice asked. "Y... yes. I'm Emerald," I replied. "Ok, keep calm, the fire engine is on its way. Could you wait outside and some firemen should meet you there but whatever you do, don't go back into the house, it will be putting yourself in more danger than you were in before." The voice crackled and faded slowly. I was terrified. Mum and Dad were doomed. 

The End

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