The fire flashed all around me, it looped through the air like a dragon as it raced past my face, the embers dropped then skipped across the floor, it glided on the air like snowflakes, only more violent, smoke raised up through the air as I dropped myself to the ground, I stared up at the beautiful sight, it kept on dancing, becoming brighter and brighter until it flashed and it all drained from view, it was replaced by blackness, it was unnatural. It was silent all around me, I was stood up now, I swore I was lying down only seconds ago, I must be losing it.. I couldn't breath, my chest felt tight but my heart soared in my chest as I saw it opening right infront of me, a single black rose but it shattered, the petals dropped to the ground and smashed like glass, then I saw a light in the corner of my eye, I turned towards it as a crack opened up, like a rip in the universe, I saw the stars and planets in all their beauty, it faded, I was left alone.

The End

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