Destiny pt. 2

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    Layna woke first, the dream playing over in her head. As she looked down to Adrastos, brushing the hair from his eyes, they opened. There was a new light in them, a strange flicker and she could read on his face that he had dreamt the same as she.

    His strength had partially returned and he sat up. “They have called us home, Layna. Will you go with me?” Her smile gave him the answer he was looking for.  “Are you sure you’re ready to travel? I doubt this is going to be easy, for it seems nothing is that way anymore for Dragen.  Naris and his creatures are still out there as well.”  Layna could be and was, most certainly brave but the thought of the vampire sent a twinge of panic through her. For now she pushed it back. Adrastos was still somewhat weak and he would need to lean on her for a while if they were to make it to the mountain. “I can do this, Layna, I must. If we cross paths with that disgusting vampire or his creatures, then so be it. I have unfinished business to settle with him. “ She hoped his strength returned quickly, knowing alone that she couldn’t fend off a vampire army or their master. She could lose him forever this time to Naris in his current condition.

    Slowly, they stood, stretching a bit and collecting their belongings. They would find breakfast throughout the forest as they walked. Certain berries and fruit trees that could be found nowhere else grew in strange abundance in this place. Eating what they could and packing more for later, they headed towards the rising sun with nothing more but an instinct leading them in that direction. Neither had an idea of how long it would take or how hard it would be but they would keep going. Only death would stop them from reaching the place they rightfully belonged.

The End

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