Suddenly he pulled her to him and as his lips met hers, for that moment, every thread of pain and despair she had felt most her life unraveled and seemed to disappear on the wind. The idea of letting herself love another, especially someone like Adrastos, bordered on frightening but but she pushed back that fear, giving herself to completely to him as she let him take over her mind and body. A minute part of her prayed that she wouldn’t regret this.

In that moment, Adrastos was like an animal unleashed, as he felt her letting go of her control. His hands didn't know where to keep themselves, stroking all along her skin, wanting to take in every part of her.

Her hands came up to cradle his head as she returned the kiss with the same fierceness he was showing her. Layna could feel the warmth of his skin against hers as he quickly undid her cloak with a few quick movements, letting it fall the ground.
Breaking the kiss for only a moment, he stepped back to take her in. What seemed like red metallic scaling was wound around her arms and legs, disappearing under the black gown she wore. Her hair, having come loose long ago from her braid, whirled around her like it was alive.

After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled him back to her.. his body tensing, her voice filling his mind as she whispered for him. Again their lips met, with a fire that both could feel in their souls. Everything else around her blurred away as she focused on the sensations he gave her. Just a single touch sent chills through her, making her heart race. A ripple of excitement shivered down her spine as the last bit of clothing between them disappeared. She let her fingers play over his arms and back, feeling his muscles tense with each touch she gave him. As his lips pressed against her, she felt as if she could not breathe, not being able to think about anything but him.

“Adrastos....” Layna’s voice once again poured over him as she whispered his name. Laying her down on the pile of clothing they had left, he trailed kisses down her neck.  A low growl escaped her lips as she wrapped her arms around his body, holding him tight to her.  His breathe hot on her neck, he could feel her body reacting to his every touch.

“I have waited forever for you, even a second longer is too much to bear.” Adrastos lost all control as her words echoed through his mind. He covered her mouth with his as he pulled her ever closer. She cried out his name as her fingers raked across his back, leaving a trail of fire behind. Everything in her set him ablaze and he now knew he would do anything to keep her close. For this woman he had just met, but felt he had known for lifetimes over, he would give his life for her, or take another’s if need be.

As Layna ran her hands over his back, his smooth powerful muscles tensed beneath them. She could feel a scar that ran along the length of his lower back and wondered the suffering he had went through on his own. She had someone at one time while he had always been alone.
“I would have waited lifetimes for this...for you..”, he whispered.

Slowly she sat back and reached for his arms, pulling him up so they were both sitting, facing each other, her legs wrapped around his waist. There were no words for what she felt at this moment...all she could do was smile as she looked into his eyes.
His eyes locked on hers for a long time as he seemed to freeze in place, unable to move or look away... hypnotized in her. Wrapping his arms around her tightly, he pressed his lips to hers, the fire burning even hotter every time he felt their softness. He pulled her to him just a little more... so that he could feel her heart beating wildly within her chest.

Her mind became flooded with the sensations he was giving her as she moved from his mouth to his neck, letting her lips running across it to his shoulders. Pressing herself against him, she tilted her head back, her eyes closing as a soft whisper escaped her lips.  He leaned back away from her slightly, kissing down along her neck, then down the center of her chest, then closed his eyes, tightening his arms around her.

“I am yours, Adrastos, for as long as you will have me...”

“I will have eternity...nothing less, Layna. I need you just to be able to feel emotion..to see the colors of the world..to live through each day and night. I have never felt such things before and now I will never give them up now.”

Her voice rolled through his head like liquid velvet as she took his arm and wrapped it around her, putting his hand at the small of her back, their rhythm never breaking.  His name fell from her lips over and over, urging him on, begging him not to stop.

 As he pressed against her skin, it seemed that he would get lost in her essence forever.Tangling his fingers through her hair, he pressed his lips to hers again, this time tasting the inside of her mouth and he could feel every part of her through his entire form.

Layna pushed against him as he held her, wanting to take every bit of him inside her. Her mind and body began spiraling out of control. She caught every desire in his mind, while  her body instinctively changed to respond to his every emotion and sensation, meeting his every movement with perfect timing as if they were two perfect parts of a whole. As he kissed her, his mind thrust into hers, sharing her excitement, her pleasure, showing him exactly just how much he affected her in every way.

Every sense he had was being bombarded... His skin burning with her every touch. Through the dark, his eyes could see every detail of her beautiful curvaceous body, and every drop of sweat running along her skin..The taste of her lips and mouth only made him hungry for more. Through it all, the warmth she was generating against him, both through her body and through her powers, were combining with the rest to nearly drive him mad. But he wanted to hold on, never to let go of her or this moment. The climax that had been building up between them slammed through in waves.

She clung to him tightly, trying to catch her breath. Opening her eyes, she leaned back slightly, watching his face as he came down from the shockwave that had just rocked through both of them. Layna reached for his chin and kissed him gently on the lips.
Resting her head against him, she could feel the beat of his heart, still racing in his chest. It brought a smile to her face as she thought about the effect he had on her. She lifted her head slightly, placing a few soft kisses in his neck as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Slowly, Adrastos opened his eyes, their focus returning as her beautiful form filled his view. He held her fast to him, his heartbeat made plain within her. His eyes remained locked on hers as slowly he felt a resemblance of strength returning to him.

Gently, he lifted her from him and they lay together on the ground, her head on his chest. Layna propped herself on her elbow and cradled his face with her hand.

“Adrastos, I now know you are Fire. To not have know your place in this world your whole life..well, I can only see it as utter loneliness. I was told I was the last and thought I would be destined to feel that same loneliness but no longer..we will
find our place together. The Fire has not died..we will see to that..”

Her words tugged at his heart and he knew she meant every single one. He would never be alone again. With her, he had a place and together they would find where they belonged. He would protect her with his life if needed.

“I will never leave your side..it is my place, Layna Surya Valden of the Fire. My heart is yours..”

“As mine is yours, Adrastos..of the Fire”

With those words, they both closed their eyes, their bodies exhausted and the dream world took over.

The End

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