Adrastos felt a small wave of relief as she asked him to show himself. He sensed her apprehension and somehow knew she could feel his as well.

 “Who are you and why..why can’t I stay away from you. I feel it, you know, the power... power is what you have... and never before in my life has someone held it over me like you have. And your eyes..”

Before he realized it, he had just blurted out everything he told himself he would hold back. His original plan was to just find out who she was without scaring her away. Nice one, you stupid ignorant buffoon...He thought to himself.

 She could read the embarrassment on his face and took a small step towards him.

“Yes, my eyes, it seems we have the same. Although I had always known myself to be the only one. My name is Layna Surya Valden, Daughter of the Fire. My people are no longer of this world and I’m afraid that I’m the last..or so I thought, until meeting you.”

 The Fire..now it made sense. The images he saw in his dreams, the reason people shunned him away, the way he could sense and do things others couldn’t. Now the name clicked in his head as if he always knew it.

Slowly he moved towards her, every step taken in hopes she wouldn’t disappear from his view.

 “I have dreamt of shadows spiraling through the skies above me, calling to me. A mountain of flame that both frightened me and seemed to lure me to it. A power so intense, it coursed through my veins like fire. I can do things other humans can
not. Why, Layna? “

She knew she held the answers he was seeking but wasn’t ready to give them all to him until she knew for sure. Could she trust him? Was he playing mind games with her? Humans with magick had tried in the past to fool her into falling into their grasp. Adrastos didn’t seem human and didn’t feel human. She certainly had never reacted to a human both physically and emotionally.

A warm wind danced around them as she struggled to retain her composure, forcing the change back. The aura coming from him was one she had never felt before ..dangerous, thrilling and ..familiar.
 “Adrastos, you must know somewhere deep inside that you are not human. As to what you are, I am still wrestling with that in my head. Something is familiar though, I can’t deny that.”

As the words wrapped around him and bits of her thoughts mixed in with his, he no longer cared about the Fires, shadows or what either of them were at the moment. All he wanted and needed was her.
 She could see the look in his eyes change at that moment.
“Stay back, Adrastos, I am warning you. I have told you what I can...” With surprising speed, she darted away from him. She flew through the trees, her feet barely touching the ground, not even looking back to see if he gave chase.

“You can't follow me..only danger and despair will await you..please..go back to where you came from..”
Her voice was cracking..part of her did not want to leave but her fear had gotten the better of her once more.

“My life has always been full of pain, so what’s a little more.  You are the only person in my life that have shown me any kindness, that hasn’t hated me for what I am? I understand your fear but I will not stay behind and watch you leave again! I
need to know you, Layna. You can’t deny the pull you feel as well!!”

He was right, she felt it to her very core. But after years of learning what the consequences of having people near were, her instincts kicked in.

 A moment later, she heard his words in a faint voice, barely audible, making it impossible to tell where it had come from, but she could still understand them,

"...Please... don't leave..."
 She started to slow down a bit, his words in her mind pulling her back as she tried to run. Layna still had no idea where he was but could sense him now and knew he was close. She was glad she did not have to look in his eyes at the moment..it would have been to hard for her to tell him to go.

“..you must leave..forget about me, Adrastos.”
“I can’t simply erase you from my mind, Layna.”

It was happening, her dream was becoming real. The dragon in her began to flare to life, fighting to take over as her emotions went reeling out of control. She stopped in her tracks and spun to face him. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed out. “What do you want from me !?

Her hands going to the sides of her head, as if to block out the world, Layna dropped to her knees. Adrastos started to speak and hesitated, running to her. He went down on a knee in front of her, removing her hands and gently lifting her gaze to meet his.

Her voice was a mere whisper as she looked up to him. “My life is cursed, please reconsider what you ask of me. I couldn’t bear to bring what follows me into your world..”

Adrastos stared into the tempest that surged in her eyes.  He knew that he found the one thing that could give his life meaning. Brushing a stray strand of hair from her eyes, it pained him to see her this way. Normally his emotions ran cold but with her, everything had changed.
"...All I want from you is to stay... to let me be with you..."

The End

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