Layna woke with such a start that she smacked the back of head against the tree. Trying to catch her breath and rubbing the pain away from her skull, the images of her dream played over and over in her mind. “What is happening to me??”

    She had dreams in the past that foretold events in her future and even those in the village near her but nothing had ever felt this real. She could feel Adrastos’ touch and the pain in her dream still cut her even after she woke. His words seemed to hold truth in them, that he wanted nothing more then to know her for who she was and that he wasn’t going to hurt her but she had seen others try to fool her before.

    "Do you realize what you're asking of me..what you're
asking..of yourself..I am cursed to walk alone. There is nothing for one such as me..”

    A whisper floated in the air, as front of her, reading her thoughts... ”I ask for nothing more then you choose to give…please..Layna..”

    He had spent the night searching for her in the forest just outside of the village. They were a vast stretch of ancient trees that seemed to tangle themselves into one infinite canopy. It would be so very easy for just about anyone to lose themselves forever in this place.

    As the morning sun desperately tried to stretch its rays through the branches, Adrastos heard her voice in his head, it's tone laden with loneliness and pain. As if she were there with him, he whispered a reply, hoping it would reach her.

    Finally reaching the far edge of the forest, he caught a glimpse of black hair shimmering in a ray of sun that seemed to reach only for her. The smell of smoldering leaves hit his nose and he ducked behind a tree, watching..praying for the strength to be still. He knew that running to her now and taking her in his arms would only scare her and she would be gone once more.

    Layna's body tensed and her eyes widened as she felt his presence in the forest. Standing quickly, she called out to the shadows. "Step out where we can both see each other. It will do neither of us good to hide any longer."

    She has surrendered herself to the notion that he may chase her to the ends of the world if she ran again. Layna couldn't shake the sudden aching need to know who and what he was, either. As he stepped out from the shadows of the trees, ripples of both excitement and apprehension ran through her. His eyes, the same swirling green storms as hers, held her fast for a moment. Blinking to break the hold, she stood silent and on guard, waiting for him to speak.

The End

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