Fire & Ice : Control (Bio)

Let them tell you a little bit about themselves..

I am Aden : My flame burns though life itself, it destroys everything in its path, many beings fear me and I fear , it will consume me but it is my life force and I must control it to that I listen to the old ways, an wield it to fight against those who wish to test me, like those who resided in the human world and the other-world that larks in the shadows. I’m neither a renegade nor a protector, am simply a flame that will never go out.

I 'm Ren :  Water when I touch it, it’s like something I’ve never felt before in my life .Theirs this power that affects my mind to the very tips of my finger's. I began to hear small but vibrant voices in the back of my  head much like my own  whispering to me , then  one day i tap into those voices and like magic that water or any other liquid , I was touching solidified in mere seconds. It was amazing and very beautiful . I never told anyone about though and now it’s getting out of hand, you see it’s not just water or just liquid. I can freeze  everything from people to household items  to cars and they never melt , it’s dangerous now and those small but vibrant little voices inside my head are getting louder..and louder

They are Destined to meet be it

Friend or Foe 

The End

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