my life...Mature

When you were little, do you remember your mum going to the toilets with you and holding your hand whilst you went? Do you remember the change after you were able to go on your own but still you kept the door open so your mum could come and rescue you when you had a problem? Also, when you got to your early teens when you would always slam the door in your mum’s face for being annoying… as seen on tele?

These things never happened to me, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure my mum would have done them all but she was half way across the world and I couldn’t exactly ask my other mum as she herself, was in the same situation as me.

My dad tried his best to play the part of both Mum and Dad so no doubt he would have done that, only he couldn’t. He couldn’t exactly go to the girls’ toilets with me or keep the door open whilst in the male toilets to make sure I was safe.

It may sound a bit gloomy but I still love my life and I have never once blamed my Mum or my Dad for my bizarre life until the new Mum arrived…

The End

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