My family...Mature

My family consists of: Me, my Dad, my Mum and my older Sister. This was our family until i turned one.

After i turned one, they got divorced and my Mum decided to move to East Asia, but we still stayed connected...through the phone.

Now my family consists of: Me, my Dad, my Mum and my older Sister. (I'm currently fifteen)

You might wonder why i just talked about the divorce when i just said i have my whole family....ever heard of step-mum's? well, i have one!

 I have TWO mum's and my real Mum does indeed still live in East Asia whilst my other Mum lives with Me and my Dad...and sometimes my Sister.

My life must sound complicated... it's just like a fairy-tale.... the step-mum's in fairy-tales are normally middle-aged, evil, ugly looking woman....only my step-mum isn't...she isn't middle-aged, she is the SAME age as Me and well, about the evil and ugly're just going to have to think of an answer for yourself.....

The End

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